Muzi Talks State Of Music In 2019 And What This Means For The Future
Published 3 years ago by

In an on-going conversation, we chat with prolific artist/producer Muzi on the state and the climate of South African music at the turn of the century from the consumers’ and producers’ perspective.

It has been evident that as consumers we tend to jump on to whatever is trending at that moment, whether it a trend in fashion, a trend in cosmetic care, or even a trend in music. This years’ music trend has been Amapiano. So in our talk with Muzi, we got his thoughts and opinions on what he thinks of South African music and the direction it is taking in the new decade. We asked if he is excited about the future for young artists like himself and what he thinks the new decade will bring for South African music.

Stay tuned for more from the conversation we had with Muzi. Watch the interview above for more on this topic. To watch the previous interview, click here.

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