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Musa Keys says he didn’t like his hit song, Samarian Boy at first and explains how he recorded his first Amapiano EP

Among the crop of artists who are making a sizeable impact on the Amapiano space, Musa Keys is a name that you should be familiar with now. The multi-platinum selling hitmaker is responsible for songs such as Samarian Boy, Vula Mlomo and the more recent Selema.

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He recently had a chat with us to give us a better perspective on who he is and how he is building himself up to be an icon in the music industry space.

To the naked eye, it would seem like Musa Keys’ rise in the game was instant. It makes sense, from an unknown kid from Polokwane to having one of the biggest song in 2019. The success seemed like it was scripted. But it wasn’t. In the interview with us, Musa Keys breaks down that his rise in the game. And although it wasn’t particularly tragic, it is still a compelling story of ascendence.

“I was studying sound engineering and I dropped out on my second year because I felt like a lot of the things they were teaching I already knew it and I was already doing it,” he explains. The self-determination didn’t end there with him firmly deciding that he had to be rude to his parents because he had a big picture in his mind that he had to fulfil, despite their reservations.

Musa Keys also explains how he started questioning himself when his popularity rose

He recorded his first EP, The Streets Are Calling, as a first-year student. “My first Amapinao EP, I did it at that school. As a first-year student, I had to ask a third year to book a studio for me because they didn’t allow first years to book studios. They thought we didn’t know anything”, he chuckles. The EP yielded Heat Overload, one of his first biggest singles.

He mentions that after the success of his first two songs, he started questioning himself with regards to why people like him and his music. But as he grew more in the industry and learning the ropes, his confidence grew.  Deciding not to sign to any of the offers on the table, opting to staying independent. And when the pace around his career picked up, he started investing more in his brand.

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