Money Badoo & Sauwcy Break Down How Their Friendship Led To Them Making Music Together
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Money Badoo and Sauwcy are a rare breed of New Wave rappers because they are the first females to break from the noise of the underground to receive much deserved attention. And they are very much aware of the power that they wield and of how special their rise in the game is. In part 2 of the interview we had with them, they break down how they met and how their friendship has played a role in them eventually making music together.

Great chemistry is difficult to come by, especially when you are a musician hoping to collaborate with others such as yourself. It’s hard to ignore the amount of affinity that Money Badoo and Sauwcy have. The two started off as friends and then discovered that they are both drawn to music.

In a recent interview we had with new age Trap duo, Money Badoo & Sauwcy, we chat to them about how they met and how their friendship made them comfortable in perusing their music dreams. This strong bond and friendship reinforces the intention that they have when coming into the music scene and this is affirming and re-affirming the place that female rappers should have at the table.

Describing the extent of the friendship, Money Badoo says: “We spent so much time together that our relationship became so beautiful that I became comfortable with parts of myself that I thought I’d never be comfortable with”. She adds that Sauwcy was in the exact same position that she was in and shared all the music she had written.

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