Mariechan From Jamali Reintroduces Herself With New EP, Cherry Blossom
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We recently attended the EP launch for Marichan’s newest project, Cherry Blossom. We spoke to her about the inspiration behind the new EP as well as what inspired it. She also let us into the possibility of a Jamali reunion.

“I put together a little EP launch on my birthday ‘cause it’s my gift to myself. The night really represents you know, me finding my voice, finding my sound and wanting to share, you know, my journey with people.”

Cherry Blossom is an interesting name for the EP and it has a special meaning to Mariechan. She recalls coming home from school, despondent and feeling insecure about how she looks. Her grandmother noticed this and told her a story of a tree which has cherry blossoms. Her grandmother likened her to the tree and encouraged her by saying that she will one day bloom into a beautiful flower when the time is right.

“I hope everyone can find their blossom and can be the best version of themselves,” she expresses.

The EP comes after 5 years of being a solo artist and Mariechan wanted to give her fans a comprehensive body of work. “I didn’t release for the sake of releasing music,” she says.

Cherry Blossom consists of 5 tracks which take us on journey to Mariechan’s insights and perspectives. “The 5 songs really, just talk about my experiences, my different mood swings, things that I go through on a daily basis”, she says.

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