Londie London Chats About Upcoming Album & New Video
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We recently caught up with Londie London at an event and she share with us that she is hard at work on her music. The soulful songstress who brought us You Were Mine and There He Goes hinted at a single which is set to drop in a few weeks. And with the festive season edging closer, we are thrilled!

Londie London has come a long way since her days of being an Instagram model. She has proven herself worthy and has put in a lot of work in her brand as well as music. From her tone to her vibrant delivery, she has been earmarked as one of the most refreshing voices to come out of the industry in a long time.

Besides the two solo singles she has released, Londie London has made a lasting impression on Gigi Lamayne’s Twinkle and Miss Pru’s Isaga Lam’.

She briefly spoke about her upcoming album which is going to have all sorts of dance elements. She says:

“My album is going to be dance. Whether its EDM, Afrobeats, House, I’m there. I’m all about dance and obviously my soulistic voice pops out in every track…”

She also spoke about her summer single which is earmarked to drop in a couple of weeks time just in time for the festive season.

“My summer single is going to be really playful, it’s gonna be me, it’s gonna be what people used to call me”.

Although she could not go into details as the song is not yet ready to be released, we have to admit that it already sounds interesting. Peep the rest of the video!

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