WATCH: Lazi Mathebula’s Shadows of my Freedom Exhibition
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Lazi Mathebula opens his solo exhibition that he dubbed his “College Dropout”. 

Lazi Mathebula AKA @bombisa opened his first solo exhibition at Kalashnikovv Gallery in Braamfontein on 18 January 2020. 

After becoming disillusioned with the creative industry in 2018, Mathebula sought a new way to communicate his talents. Shadows of my Freedom is the culmination of this journey, presenting his work in a new light, but with the same skill and character as always.  

Mathebula said: “For the past 2 and a half years, I felt I hit a glass ceiling, with what I was / am mostly known for. With that came a need for some kinda change. I knew there was a lot I could do as a creative but still felt like it wasn’t enough for me, since I felt I was being marginalized and that led to being put in a certain category that I felt I didn’t fit to cause I know I’m a bit more progressive than that. 

The creative industry can be mediocre at times, especially when we base the metric of talent with influence through social media, popularity and being extroverted. A lot gets lost through this idea of a popularity contest because we end up putting the lens on things that have nothing to do with the work. 

So, with this Journey I switch lanes, but keep the same car. What I’m about to present on the 18th of January 2020 is What I call my “Illmatic” by Nas, my “college dropout” by Ye. My “Mad Villian” by MF Doom. This is my Debut Album after having dropped so many singles and features.” 

Watch what went down and what Mathebula had to say about his solo exhibition. 

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