Langa Mavuso Shares His Take On Coming Out & Why He’s Not Vocal About His Sexual Orientation
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Coming out and being open about your sexual orientation can be an extremely difficult and life defining process. This is because of a variety of factors but the most prominent one is the fear of being stigmatized or rejected by society.

In a recent chat with Langa Mavuso, he explains why he never officially came out. Stating that he hasn’t ever felt the need to officially come out to anybody. “I’ve always been one of those people who like, I never really came out. I remember dating a boy in high school and telling my friends: oh I’m just dating this guy… I never had the talk. And even now, I haven’t had the talk with anyone,” he explains.

Langa also emphasized that he recognizes that coming out may be empowering but also points out that it is an incredibly heavy burden to bear. From what he has witnessed.

I’ve seen how artists who are carry their queerness in all of what they do. The burden they have to carry because now they have to represent everyone in the community. And sometimes I don’t feel like I’m the best reflection of everyone in the community. I do think that there are people who are better at doing it. I just happen to love who I love and I live out truly” he says.

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