Langa Mavuso On Healing From A Break-Up That Helped Him Complete His Debut Album, “LANGA”
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Multi-talented singer, songwriter and performer, Langa Mavuso is one of the more prominent voices in the Neo-Soul and R&B scene. He is lauded for creating stellar music that is both delightfully fresh and bare but also steeped in the tradition of Blues and Soul. Seamlessly infusing Jazz, Funk, Old Soul, Electro, Hip Hop and R&B elements.

He recently released his long awaited debut album, LANGA– a body of which details a tumultuous heartbreak and the pain of losing a loved one but also healing through being spiritually inclined and emotionally aware.

In a recent chat we had with him, we asked him why it took him so long to release the album. He explains that he knew that the conclusion of this project needed to have a resolution to the heartbreak he experienced when he was 18. His then boyfriend passed away by suicide and Langa admits to never fully healing from the experience.

The album, when I began writing it, I knew the resolution of it had to be healing. I knew that it started from a broken place. And until I had the song that resolved it, I couldn’t release it. And I had written so many songs for the project but until I had written Love Lost, it wasn’t finished,” he explains.

He also explains that Love Lost is about the first heartbreak that he had experienced. Saying that he knew that the album was finished when he was able to heal from this heartbreak, adding that he used this experience to heal from the heartbreak he was going through at that time. “If I could deal with grieve, what’s someone who’s hurt me going to do even further.”

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