K.O Shares His Thoughts On Up-Coming Rappers & The Need For Hip Hop To Evolve
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KO chats to us about the need for Hip Hop to evolve and what he thinks will make this evolution possible

K.O is a veteran when it comes to South African Hip Hop. He has carved a distinct lane for himself and maintained a sound that is unique to him. Skhanda rap, a sub-genre of South African Hip Hop, arguably played a huge role in redefining a South African Hip Hop.

K.O incorporated a lot of his heritage, urban culture and identity in his music, creating a sound that is indigenous to South Africa. In a recent interview we had with him he shared his concerns with how younger rappers coming in the game don’t seem to want to bring anything new or different. Instead they are riding the wave with the exception of artists such as Focalistic and Blaq Diamond who are elevating Hip Hop from the outside.

He explains how these artists are elevating the Hip Hop genre. “Outside of Hip Hop though, I look at Blaq Diamond and I feel like they came in and they didn’t necessarily plug into, they came in and introduced themselves. I mean I look at Focalistic and them and I hear that he is one of us, he’s from the Hip Hop space but now obviously he has really entrenched himself in the Amapiano space and he is doing that really well. I think that’s because he went into that space and brought something different,” he says.

He continues to explain that in Hip Hop, we are not necessarily getting any contribution from people outside the genre and this could also be because Hip Hop is not that receptive to outside influences. He has hope though, stating that Hip Hop can still push the envelope and evolve with the times.

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