K.O Chats What Inspired New Single “Lucky Star” & What The Visuals Represent For Him
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We are closer now, more than ever to the festive season and the music that is being released at this time of the year is a reflection of the positive mood that South Africans are in- pandemic or not. One such song is K.O’s Lucky Star. The upbeat and motivational single serves as the perfect theme song for self-starters out there whose inner voice serve as their biggest motivation and number cheerleader. The single is accompanied by equally colourful and vibrant visuals.

We recently had a chat with Skhandaworld’s general, K.O who spoke to us about his latest single, Lucky Star.

“It felt like this is one moment in 2020, especially towards the end of the year, where we can still get out there and reach for the stars the best way we know how and sort of rekindle whatever we were trying to pursue,” he says. Adding that this song is a theme song for the go-getters, self-starters and those who look within for inspiration to reach for the stars.

He spoke to us about the music video adding that it represents more than what we see. He explains that the entire timeline of the music video was done in a bid to capture his journey in the industry as a hustler. Celebrating his journey and what he has done in the game so far.

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