J Molley Breaks Down How His “Beef” With The Big Hash Started
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In a recent chat we had with J Molley, the Leader Of The New Wave rapper breaks down the supposed beef between him and fellow new wave artist, The Big Hash. Molley breaks down the timeline of how the dispute with The Big Hash started and why he doesn’t take it personally. Explaining that the “beef” was all in good sport and essentially for the culture.

Molley furthermore gives insight into how his relationship with The Big Hash has evolved over the years.

I’ve always had love for Hash since I knew him, since prior to him blowing up. He used to chill a lot with my DJ, my DJ used to help him out a lot, “Molley explains. Before adding that The Big Hash was slated to join his team, Naver Broke, but instead opted to do his own thing.

With regards to whether or not the South African Hip Hop community is open to a beef between artists, Molley explains that there is space, although the fans may be the ones who are undecided about the beef. And this could be based off how they are feeling at the time. “I think there’s definitely space for beef; people love it. As much as they say they don’t, they love it,” he concludes.

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