How To Make A 420 Sandwich With Emtee Da Hustla
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As part of Zkhiphani’s rebranding and restructuring, we introduce a new show called Munchies With The GOAT. This is a light-hearted Hip-Hop cooking show featuring the self-proclaimed greatest of all time, Emtee Da Hustla.

On this show, Emtee shows his fans and supporters on how to create meals and snacks for different situations. The aim of the show is to showcase Emtee’s wit and humour, as well as show his fans how he navigates the kitchen and his everyday life. In this video, Emtee shows us how to make a 420 Cheese and Bacon sandwich. This is a sandwich best enjoyed after a successful time in the “garden” around 16:20 in the afternoon.

While making the sandwich, Emtee is joined by his wife Nicole, who is the judge of his glorified creation. Watch the latest on his on-going series of funny, witty and creative culinary creations with Emtee Da Hustla. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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