How To Get Over Heartbreak | Gate Crash With Sphaka
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The plot thickens for Sphaka as he finds himself in another predicament. In the previous Gate Crash, we see Sphaka deal with a painful split from his new flame. Over several weeks, Sphaka’s love story has developed and his intentions were made clear to his new lover. However, His love interest Peelo Mookodi seem to have been turned off by Sphaka while at the CIROC World Vodka Day celebration where Sphaka wasn’t cool enough to enter the event.

In the latest Gate Crash, things get a little interesting for Sphaka. He gate-crashes the E! Celebrity Games Night Event Launch hosted by Anele Mdoda. At the event he meets personalities Tsholo Maseko, Tats Nkonzo and Mojak Lehoko to name a few. Sphaka managed to get some friendly advice from them on how to deal with heartbreak and revenge. Actress and Presenter Mulisa Mudau advised Sphaka on being the best version of himself and embracing that post-heartbreak glow. In-Addition, she told Sphaka how she dealt with heartbreak in the past, She said “I cry for a minute or two. I go straight to the bar and for some retail therapy, then I’m good! On to the next one!”

Just as Sphaka was about to make up his mind about his feelings, his Ex calls… Does he answer? Does he ignore? Find out more on the latest Gate Crash With Sphaka from the E! Celebrity Games Night Show Launch.

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