Holly Rey Speaks On breaking Into The House Music Scene
Published 4 years ago by

She found the music industry unwelcoming at first.

We had a sit down with Holly Rey the other day and had conversations about the early days of her career. Holly first signed her deal when she was only thirteen years of age and was quickly forced to sing Pop music. This was not her passion as she didn’t enjoy the creative process.

It was extremely difficult for me at first, because I don’t think that people understood it

Holly also touched on how hard it was for the industry to understand why she wanted to venture into house music that is predominantly a “black industry”. She found that the public and the listeners were more accepting of her as an artist as they were very supportive.

We touched base on her hit single Deeper and her latest single You and her which is featured on Prince Kaybee’s Re’mmino Album.

Watch the video above for the full scoop and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section.

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