WATCH HHP On His Last Album: “DRUM Is Going To Be Something Really Special”
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WATCH HHP last interview – He shares why his upcoming album, DRUM, is special to him.

Earlier this week South Africa was hit with the earth shattering news that HHP is no more. The multi-award winning veteran rapper passed away on Wednesday the 24th of October, a week shy of dropping his much anticipated EP, Feels Good To Be Back.

As the country mourns and remembers his life, we share the last interview we did with him where he speaks about his upcoming album and what it means to him.

Two weeks ago we headed to the Universal Music Group offices in Rosebank to chat to HHP about all the music he’s been working on. It was no secret that Jabba was slowly getting active in the music industry again having featured on Zakwe’s Sebentin Remix, Mandla Spikiri’s Moriri Wama Indian and recently Solo & The BETR Gang’s latest album, Tour Dates Deluxe.  He spoke to us about his last album, DRUM, and how excited he is to share it with his fans.

He broke down the name of the album

“I’ve always thought that the voice of God is like a drum for me. Most people compare it to thunder or earthquake but for me… that drum, that beat that people play when they are singing. That’s like very reminiscent of the power of music and the power of rhythm.”

The name of the album is called DRUM and Jabba expresses that it was inspired by the name of the magazine of the same name. The magazine, as HHP explains used to be such a very strong and powerful voice for the liberation movement back then.

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He broke down the sound of the album

HHP is known for his incredible versatility and unique approach to music. You can put this guy on a Kwaito beat and he will approach it with some heavy bars and a very melodic hook. He always knew how to bring out the best in his music.

“The album is something that is going to be very global. I’m trying to go for a world sound kind of thing. I’ve been working with a lot of live instrumentation… I want to go for that hectic live feel”

He also shares with us who he featured

He was also very particular about the chemistry between himself and the various producers he has worked with and with DRUM it is no different.

“I’ve worked with lots of producers: Lesley Lee is the grandchild to Marriam Makeba. Worked with BFB as well who has a very like, modern sound to it.” He also worked with a very renowned Hip Hop producer from Malawi called D1. He has also worked with very accomplished producers in the U.S namely Omar, James McKinney, Scott Jacoby and Carolyn Malachi to name a few.

“It was just really exciting to see like how excited they were for African music. And just, our own sound is just so powerful and commands so much respect out there. So the album is going to be super great.”

Check out the rest of the interview. R.I.P Jabba.

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