Here Is What Went Down At The Clout SA Design Magazine Launch At The 2022 Decorex Africa
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We speak to Nando’s Design Program and Clout SA Mag Creative Director Tracy Lee Lynch & Nando’s Hot Young Designer 2020 finalist, Siviwe Jali

At the recent 100 Percent Design Africa Exhibition at this year’s Decorex Africa show, we caught up with Nando’s Hot Young Designer 2020 finalist, Siviwe Jali. He spoke to us about how he got into product design. We also had a chat with Tracy Lee Lynch, the creative director of the Nando’s Design Program and also the creative director of the Clout SA magazine.

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Tracy spoke to us about how Clout SA started and the main aim behind the magazine. She also touches on the importance of representation with regards to designers.

“So what was also important to us is we wanted to see black designers come to the front. Because when I started working on Central Kitchen, for me there were massive gaps. We can’t just tell one part of the story,” she explains.

The Hot Young Designers has been focused on designers under the age of 35 and we run the competition every 2 years… so then we draw in designers for things like showcases, for things like conferences whether it be public facing or internal in the Nandos world,” she continues.

Siviwe took us through his journey in design and what inspired him to switch from jewellery to product design.

“Everything starts from what are the parameters and limitations of the human form. So understanding ergonomics, making sure that if you do design something, it’s very comfortable regardless of the materials you use,” he says.

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