Get To Know Rose Nkau, Prince Kaybee’s Latest Signee
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Hailing from North West, Rustenburg Rose Nkau is Prince Kaybee’s latest signee under his stable Low Key Records. Rose takes us through how she was discovered by Prince Kaybee to the point she signed her deal, to drop he first debut single. Rose caught Prince Kaybee’s after she released a cover of Bob Marley’s Redemption. and he former band made of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song.

When it come to the industry I havent gone through the good and the bad just yet, for me its just sailing perferctly. But the problem is the people that i knew before are actually changing now. It shows that they were people in your life trying to bring you down just to make them selves bigger.

said, Rose.

Rose further explains the dynamics of her personal life with her family and close friends. She expresses how she was not expecting the response she got from her relatives and loved ones after telling them that she is pursuing a music career. Moreover, she talks about how her musical journey was met with a lot of people with that pessimism. However, she prevailed and scored a deal with Prince Kaybee and Universal Music Group SA.

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