Gate Crash With Sphaka – SO2 E02
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Gate Crash With Sphaka – S02 E02

In this week’s episode of Gate Crash With Sphaka we invade an exclusive nomination reveal event. Sphaka found his way into the MVCA nomination reveal party which was studded with local talent everywhere. The party was in the swanky Northern suburbs of Jozi. It seems Sphaka was on one of his many missions. This time he wanted to find out who is nominated and who is not. Surprisingly, he was hoping that he would get some sort of nomination too.

In the midst of all the celebrations and excitement, Sphaka caught up with some of the acts that are nominated. He shared a priceless moment with The Queen star Thembsie Matu. Who asked Sphaka to come be her son on her popular Soapie.

Check out what went down in this episode of Gate Crash With Sphaka.

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