Gate Crash With Sphaka – S02 E07
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Gate Crash is back! It’s almost surprising how Sphaka manages to get into these exclusive events with a camera crew but here he is! This week’s episode is all about the Feather Awards 2018. Sphaka goes in with the mission to find out what goes on at these highly anticipated awards. Whilst he is out there he bumps into Bujy, whom Sphaka didn’t know was gay. He then bumped into Riky Rick… They were almost style twins but Sphaka doesn’t seem to have the finesse.


The Feathers are in their 10th year. The awards were celebrating all the figures who have elevated the Queer community in South Africa. The awards were recognising figures who have contributed to the betterment of the LGBQTI+ community in South Africa. The people who were being recognised were not all queer, however, they advocated for the rights of the Gay community. Watch Sphaka witness all of this and check out his experience of the F

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