Gate Crash With Sphaka S02 E04 | Bacardi House Party
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Gate Crash With Sphaka is back this week! We have something special for this week’s episode. Sphaka, as usual, finessed his way into the exclusive Bacardi House Party Sessions hosted by Da L.E.S and La Flame of The Wrecking Crew. The party went down in the swanky streets of Maboneng, JHB.

Sphaka clearly had a mission. He was on a mission to get some advice on handling his newfound fame and little stardom. So, Sphaka spoke to La Flame and A-Reece and asked for advice on becoming a newcomer. His banter and piercing wit were equally matched by A-Reece. Moreover, Sphaka seemed to have a lot of fun with the people that were there with him enjoying the vibe.

Check out this latest episode of Gate Crash With Sphaka to see what went down at the Bacardi House Party Sessions with Da L.E.S.

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