Gate Crash With Sphaka – S02 E03
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Gate Crash With Sphaka is back with a new episode! Sphaka is up to something different this time. The funnyman decided to explore the Northern parts of the Limpopo province. Venda was the place to be this past weekend and Sphaka did not want to miss out on the action. While he was up there, Sphaka went on various adventures exploring the green lands of Venda.

Sphaka went on a joyride with a convoy of Jeeps, a trip to the tea estate and a boat cruise in the Ndoni Dam. While he was there he bumped into presenter and personality Hulisane Ravele who taught him a few Venda words. Moreover, Sphaka enjoyed his time in Venda so much that he did not dream of even coming back home. We are still not sure how he managed to get himself to Venda but it seems like he had the time of his life.

Check out this very special episode of Gate Crash With Sphaka in Venda. Watch it above.

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