Focalistic Chats Exporting Amapiano, His Dreams & Staying Authentic
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We caught up with President Ya Straata, Focalistic at the @budweiserza x BudXLabs event in Braamfontein. He spoke to us about the experience of exporting Amapiano to the world. The hit maker has broken major milestones that many deem as impossible for independent artists as he has carried the South African flag with him throughout his travels in the African continent.

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He maintains that one important thing that carried him this far is being authentic and staying true to who he is. This translates into the music and has meant that his audience has grown with him over the years. Although he is clearly one of the dopest artists SA has exported in this era of music, he maintains that he is still on the way to acquire bigger and greater things.

“We just did O2 Arena, I’m the first South African artist to perform there. I want to host my own show there. I have dreams man, I want to do Madison Square, I want to do my own world tour, fully, with a 5 million stage.So i have dreams,” he explains.

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