Emtee On The Values He Wants To Pass Down To Logan And Avery | The Breakdown
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Award winning rapper, Emtee has built his brand around making sure that he puts emphasis on fatherhood and the relationship he has with his children. He displays this by naming his first and latest studio album after his two sons- Avery and Logan. We recently had a chat with him where he spoke openly about why family values are important to him. He also touched on fatherhood and what he plans to pass down to his children.

He touched on the reason why he insists on working with up and coming artists and producers. He starts off by stating that people are greedy when it comes to the industry and letting people into the spaces they occupy.

“The producers I have on this album- a lot of them I don’t even know them personally like that. All I had to do was just listen to their stuff, meet them and that was it,” he explains. Saying that he learned to not judge a book by its cover through the experiences he had to go through.

He also touches on the support his own family has shown him through the years and that’s why he is so family orientated. And this is how he learned how to share and be warm with people. Further saying that the presence of his parents in his life is what shaped him to be who he is today. And the kind of values he wishes to pass to his sons is to appreciate family and to be comfortable in their own skin, especially when it comes to the emotion side of things.

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