DJ Sliqe Finally Drops New Album, Navy Black
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Award winning producer and artist DJ Sliqe has proven that he has an ear for great music. He dropped his debut project Injayam Vol 1 in 2016 to massive acclaim and before he drops the second volume, he decided to bless us with Navy Black.

The Sound:

Navy Black is what DJ Sliqe describes as a bridge between Injayam Vol 1 and 2. “We were working on Injayam Vol 2 but then the direction went somewhere else. It’s too much of a gap between the first and second album so we had to do Navy Black to kind of bridge the gap.”

Although it is still mainly hip hop and trap, there is a balance between the vernacular and English on the album to cater for a wider audience.

The Features:

The 11 track offering is surprisingly dainty when it comes to the features. DJ Sliqe did however manage to capture the balance between the more established artists and the new and up and coming ones- something he has mastered in the past.

L-Tech from Raplyf’s TLT, Louisa Tlali and Chaianosky were pleasant surprises who stood their own on their respective joints. Kwesta, Emtee, MarazA, AKA and international artist Sy Ari Da Kid brought with them their effortless styles which are seamless against Sliqe and Makwa’s production skills.

“My feature highlight, Sy Ari, is someone I have always wanted to work with. I have been a fan of his music and have all his mixtapes. I DMed him on Twitter for Oh Well, and he was keen to work. Then I also hit up AKA after he was done with his album and we finished the track in one night at his house,” he revealed.

Sliqe manages though to create something seamless in how the tracks relate with each other and it is subliminal at best. The use of percussion and bass lines is an example and the way in which he manages to tell a story through the composition of the music is impressive. 

Cop and stream Navy Black on all major digital stores.

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