DJ Mshega On Music Industry Egos and New Projects
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He says fans have missed out on great music coz of egos.

We had an interesting chat with DJ Mshega, real name Linda Hlatshwayo, who is one of Ekurhuleni’s most popular DJs and Producer who has worked with several music industry heavyweights. Mshega shares with us some of the issues that he has experienced in the music business,

What I would like to see is less egos and all that, Let’s strip away fake characters that have nothing to do with the actual art and what we are suppose to be doing

He says.

DJ Mshega insists that flared sense of self-esteems have tempered with a lot of collaboration that could have been and possibly marked a new chapter in music. He says that that the guys at the top of the game are too proud to vibe with the young guys who are up and coming.

These boundaries block the creative process and I feel like people miss out on that. I know a guy whose album was not released because of such egos, until this day the album is still not out

He adds.

As one of the leaders of the new crop of serial hitmakers, DJ Mshega has unleashed another soulful anthem with ‘The End’ featuring a lady who has been dominating the airwaves and charts, Lady Zamar. Almost done with complete stealth but for being projected into the mainstream by his previous singles in the form of ‘Walking This Road’, ‘Get Down – (Whistle Song)’, ‘Who?’, ‘Comeback’ and ‘Criminal’.

You cannot ignore how much of a force of immense propensity and compelling DJ Mshega is. Collaborating with Lady Zamar, ‘The End’ is a record that effortlessly pleases the aural senses on and off the dance floor.

He also recently collaborated with Ziyon to give us a Track titled How do you feel. He takes us through the process of the song as well as the concept behind the music video.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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