DJ Kaymoworld Chats His Mixtape ”Small Town Rabbit” & Featuring Up & Coming Artists| The Breakdown
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When considering who is up next in the industry, it would be difficult to not consider rising DJ, DJ Kaymoworld. Kamohelo Mofokeng better known as DJ Kaymoworld was born in the Free State then grew up in the Vaal. He later moved to Johannesburg to study and pursue his dreams, gaining popularity within the inner circle of the industry. Later working with accomplished artists such as Riky Rick, Major League Music, Reason and Moozlie to name a few.

In November 2020, DJ Kaymoworld released his debut project, Small Town Rabbit. The 10-track album features a whopping 22 artists with Espiquet, Maglera Doe Boy, 25K and Costa Titch being some of the promising young rappers to lend their talents to his project. Ultimately helping him create a distinct sound as a DJ.

We chat to him about how Small Town Rabbit came about but also what it took for him to put together this mixtape.

“My main focus was to work with all the upcoming cats, like all the younger guys because I feel like it’s time for a fresh breeze of new artists, new people. I feel like our industry really needs it,” he explains.

Putting together Small Time Rabbit was no easy feat for the DJ because he did it during a global pandemic. What made it a little easier is that he has a personal relationship with every single person he featured on the tape. And what makes Small Town Rabbit an astounding piece of work is the amount of diversity in not only the artists but the kind of songs on the project.

“For me creating a project was always a thing of, I want to create a body of work. I want to create something that I can package and sell the product to the people. Hence it’s packaged the way it is,” he says.

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