Distruction Boyz Plan On Reinventing The Gqom Wave In 2019
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We had a sit-down with the Award-Winning Gqom Dou Distruction Boyz who shed some light on their new music and change the Gqom music scene since its colossal commercial blow.
Distruction boyz touch on the new sound exploration that they hope would change Gqom forever, however, maintaining the respect and love they have gained from fans and supporters. With the new sound, Distruction Boyz plan on inviting a new level of musicality to the Gqom sound and challenge fellow Gqom producers to up their game.

We feel like it’s time now for us to come with another vibe, because how the sound is diluted now you know. We dont want it to be like everyone is making the same thing. If you carry one like this, people end up losing respect for you.

said Que.

This innovate spirit Distruction boyz have managed to stay relevant and break the international market. Que further assures the Gqom purists that the new sound is not deviating from the Gqom music essence.

As u’Gold said we are trend setters, we are at the forefront of the Gqom movement and we not leaving Gqom we still doing Gqom just like we did Gqom that was different from the Gqom that was there. If there is no Distruction Boyz I dont think there would be any Gqom and thats why we still there and thats why we still pushing.

Que added.

In this interview, Distruction Boyz speak elaborately about the new deal with Sony Music Group and their recording label under the major label. For the full scoop check out the video above and let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.
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