Fashion Stylist & Creative Director Didintle Ntshudisane Speaks Everything Fashion
Published 3 years ago by

On #ZKLIVE episode 9, I speak to a good friend, collaborator, and fashion enthusiast Didintle Ntshudisane. Didintle is known for captivating styling and her representation of South African youth style tribes and sub-cultures. In this episode we dive deep into fashion in South Africa right now.

In the 32-minute long conversation with Didintle, we unpack what it means to be a stylist and what role they assume in the creative process. Furthermore, Didintle gives us her thoughts on what defines South African youth culture and sub-cultures right now. She mentions that South African youth are essentially the tastemakers for what the world, using the parallel of Bubblekop culture in SA and Grime culture in the UK to emphasize her point.

Watch the full conversation above to get more insights on youth culture and fashion in South Africa.

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