Deniece Marz and Mpumi Nhlapo Speak Fashion Inspiration
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Our new video segment, Zkhiphani Style brings you Deniece Marz and Mpumi Nhlapo who are two very intriguing micro influencers on Instagram. Although very different and unique in their styles and fashion senses, both influencers contribute a great deal towards the rise of the African youth voice when it comes to fashion. Deniece Marz who is a DJ and music lover is one who enjoys pulling inspiration from different artistic mediums to create her own unique style. She describes her fashion sense as relaxed and androgynous as she loves to experiment with boxy and loose silhouettes which have a very tom boy feel. To keep it fresh and inventive, she then adds feminine touches to finish of her looks.

Image Source: @deniecemarz

Mpumi Nhlapo on the other hand is a visual artist, fashion designer, content creator and singer whose art influence inspires majority of her fashion sense and aesthetic. Like the beautiful art pieces she draws and posts to her Instagram she also approaches her fashion styling in the same manner. As such, Nhlapo’s fashion style plays around with different design elements¬† such as colour, line, shape and texture. As a fashion designer, Nhlapo often makes her own pieces to which she styles to showcase her carefree and inventive style as well as aesthetic.

Image Source: @mpumi_nhlapo
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