Cotton Fest 2020 Fashion and Style Rundown: The Influencers
Published 3 years ago by

This year’s Cotton Fest was nothing short of insane as crowds showed up in numbers to experience the iconic music festival in Jozi. The fashion, like the music, was also taken to the next level with many embracing vibrant colours and interesting silhouettes.

We saw everything from multicoloured hair to shimmery and glittery makeup. It is safe to say that people definitely didn’t disappoint on the fashion and beauty aspect. Amongst many trends spotted at the festival was the colour neon green which keeps popping up as a prominent shade for this fashion season. In the beauty department, braids appear to be gaining more and more popularity as well with many opting to accessories them with the addition of colorful beards and florals. In terms of silhouettes, most seemed to be rocking that baggy and boxy look opting for more of that comfort feeling. But that didn’t translate into a comprise on the fashionability as people explored this through interesting texture combinations such as leather, snake skin and ribbed corduroy.

On the whole the festival was a great success as people danced and jammed the night away. Congratulations to Riky Rick and his team for putting on one of the best Cotton Festivals SA has ever seen.

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