Citi Lyts Chats Pro Kid’s Posthumous Album & The Dankie San’ Documentary
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We chop it up with City Lyts about his new music and preserving Pro’s legacy

It’s been two years since the death of profound lyricist and iconic rapper, Pro Kid. Since he passed, his younger brother, Citi Lyts has spoken out about preserving his brother’s legacy. In 2019, he released a single in Pro’s honour featuring all the people who were directly mentored by Dankie San’ Hitmaker. Cel’Ukuthi became an instant hit, praised for its infectious hook and relatable bars.

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Recently, the established DJ and producer has released a single titled Kaslam. The new single features budding rappers, Bless and Blayze and was released in honour of Pro’s birthday which falls on the 22nd of June.

“The song was recorded in 2018. Pro featured Blayze and Bless and he brought the idea to me that I host the song as a DJ. I kept it this long,” he tells us. Kaslam speaks about representing your hood always being proud of where you come from. Something that was the cornerstone of Pro Kid’s brand and his music.

We speak to Citi Lyts about the new music he’s working on and what it means to preserve Pro Kid’s legacy. On the Dankie San’ doccumentary, Citi Lyts had nothing negative to say, mentioning that the family lend their hand in producing the BTS look into the iconic album. Finally, he also touches on possibly releasing a posthumous album to celebrate Pro turning 40 in 2021.

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