Chef Nti Chats About Jameson Asiye Campaign & Infusing Jameson Whiskey In Food
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“We’re just bringing together amazing people in one room to celebrate great food and fabulous drinks”- Chef Nti

Global whiskey brand, Jameson hosted the Jameson Select Reserve B.I.G Party event. The event saw renowned chef, Chef Nti curate a menu inspired by Jameson Select Reserve. Hosted at Truffle On The Park in Sandton, the event brought together a group of sophisticated guests enjoy a selection of cocktails, a whiskey tasting as well as gourmet food infused with Jameson Select Reserve.

We had a chat with Chef Nti and she explained what the Asiye Campaign is and how she become one of the ambassadors for the brand.

“So this campaign is part of a campaign that started last year, Asiye. And today we are celebrating the Jameson B.I.G parties so this is like a Jameson big party. We’re just bringing together amazing people in one room to celebrate great food and fabulous drinks,” she explains.

The Asiye campaign is a story of collective progress, grounded in the idea that success isn’t an individual pursuit but rather a collective effort. Shifting the narrative from the conventional ‘me’ to an authentic and uplifting ‘we’.

‘Asiye’ is a colloquial South African term from isiZulu, meaning ‘Let’s go together, let’s do it together’. a simple yet powerful action-orientated expression that inspires progress but stays faithful to the Jameson belief of inclusivity and collectiveness.

Chef Nti also breaks down shy she wants to shift the taste experience of Jameson from being just sipping to being enjoyed as part of the food preparation.

“What I want them to take away from this is that it is more than just a sipping whiskey. It is more than a whiskey you can have cocktails with. Try and introduce it in your kitchen, the taste is in the pudding,” she exclaims.

She ended the interview with mentioning that the highlight for the evening for her was the people who were in attendance.

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