Bridges For Music And Nando’s Partner To Open The Bridges Academy
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14 November 2019, saw a successful launching of the Bridges Academy’s by Bridges for Music in partnership with Nandos. The Bridges Academy opened it’s doors to the people of the township of Langa, Cape Town for the first time in eight years of development.

The academy is a hub of creation and learning where young, talented students can pursue their creative dreams, develop their skills. The programme goes beyond just music and incorporates entrepreneurial training and a mindfulness program providing a cutting-edge approach to creative education.

Bridges Academy is the brainchild of Valentino Barrioseta a former Ibiza resident and night club owner. He started academy as part of his journey to find purpose and being at the top of the music scene in Ibiza he knew the power of music and its impact. Valentino saw music as the vehicle that would bring about change and thus Bridges Academy is heavily based in music amongst other art forms.

Bridges, has had resounding support from world prominent figures in the music from the likes of Skrillex, Ed Sheeran Riky Ricky, Black Coffee and Zonlani Mahola to mention a few.

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