Blxckie Explains Why He Never Really wanted To Rap In isiZulu| The Breakdown
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Being from KZN has clearly marked Blxckie for greatness because of the calibre of artists that region has produced in the past. With the quality of work and the pressure to stay authentic, the issue of language has often come up with specific artists from KZN who prefer not rap or even sing in isiZulu. Nasty C is definitely one of a few artists who comes to mind. But Blxckie has added as little bit of flavour in his music and it is clear that this was an intentional act on his part.

Speaking to us in a recent interview, the music artist admits that isziZulu is very important for him but he never really wanted to put it in the music at first. Instead he put it in every other aspect of his brand.

“I didn’t really want to put it in the music mostly because I didn’t know how to… I didn’t have much knowledge on how to do stuff like that. But I used to listen to the guys that would do it the best like Aux Cable, Duncan, uZakwe, Zulu Boy,” he explains. Adding that he didn’t think that he would try out of the fear of embarrassing himself.

However, he has given himself a chance and has given several joints from his debut album, B4Now, where the goes out on a limb. This doesn’t just show us how comfortable he is in experimenting but it also shows how comfortable he is in the way that he is blazing a trail for himself.

Peep the rest of the interview for more.

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