Big Star Johnson Chats Making Music From The Soul & Leaving Warner Music & Vth Season
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Big Star Johnson says he had to choose between the game and finding himself and he chose the latter

For 2 years, Big Star Johnson was not releasing any music. The rapper and all round musician stepped away from the limelight after releasing his critically acclaimed debut album, Me & Mines. The 17 track project chronicles a weekend in the artist’s life and it sonically pays homage to the music he grew up with. Carefully re-imagining kwaito, R&B and jazz. This project was a mark for the rapper as he shed his reality star image and fully steps into being a fully-fledged musician.

We recently had a chat with him and he spoke candidly about his departure from the game. Stating that he was in pursuit of finding himself and work through his personal issues as well as figure out how to be a father as well.

“I think after dropping the album, I felt like there was some sort of separation between the truth and what’s being represented as me. And I felt like the album was like almost like a desperate attempt to give people a taste of who I am but with where my headspace was at, it was very difficult to do it the way I wanted to do it,” he explains.

Adding that because of the time he took out to find himself and what he wanted to do in life, he feels like he is a stronger than he has ever been.

“I’m no longer with any of the big record labels I was with before. I’m currently only working with Vth Season through distribution. So there’s no bad blood,” he says.

Big Star recently released his first single as an independent artist titled Ye produced by Legendary Ndu. He explains that while writing the song, he didn’t feel the pressure of writing something that may speak to the masses in the way that it currently does. “… it felt like it was my soul was speaking as oppose to my mind. That’s a totally different way of making music for me”, he says.

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