Big Star Chats The Lessons He’s Learned Between Being Signed To A Major & Being Independent
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Big Star recently revealed to us that he is now a free agent. Coupled with this announcement, the rapper and all round musician unveiled his latest single, Ye, a showing of the harmony he has found in making music. In a recent interview he shares the lessons that he has learned between the time he was signed to a major versus now, being an independent artist.

Speaking on what being an independent artist has taught him, Big Star mentions that there are two realities in every situation that one faces. He shares some perspective on the pros and cons of being independent as well as signing to a major label, having lived both these realities.

When speaking about the current tream he has now, Big Star emphasises that besides the bottomlines and the numbers, they are just trying to tell the truth through the music that they are making right now.

The truth bih. That’s the only that’s missing. That’s the only thing that’s missing from everything that we are dong as Hip Hop- as a South African industry- what crosses over is the truth. All the time. Without fail”, he explains.

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