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Aubrey Qwana speaks how his journey into music started and why he has always chosen music over everything else

Zkhipani and Tullamore DEW have teamed up to talk to various South African artists to explore the beauty of how they have blended cultures and perspectives to create new artistic expressions. This month we take a look at Aubrey Qwana and his unapologetic authenticity.

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If there ever was a paragon of authenticity, then without a doubt Aubrey Qwana would be it. The multi-talented music artist has been making music for some time now and throughout his journey, staying true to himself has been a fundamental law. This is perhaps what connects him the most with his audience.

In our recent interview with him, we chat how he started out in his career. We also explore what authenticity is and why he consistently chose music over everything.

It is difficult to imagine that Aubrey started off his career as a rapper back in 2008. This is because his level of musicality and the choice of genres feels like it was designed with him in mind. Relaying the story, he mentions that the reason he stopped making that type of music was because it wasn’t true to him. “I was a rapper but I was whack”, he explains, mentioning that he wasn’t as good as I wanted to be. “I decided to let go of rapping because I was rapping about things I didn’t know,” he says.

If you want something, you should get it. You should never be scared to try new things”- Aubrey Qwana

After going back to school to study Graphic Design and ended up working in a corporate environment. The Molo hitmaker decided to leave his career as a Graphic Designer saying he couldn’t imagine doing it for the rest of his life. Instead, he decided that he wanted to pursue music full time. “If you want something, you should get it. You should never be scared to try new things,” he says.

Aubrey laments that he is a product of blended cultures. He explains that he grew up listening to Hip Hop which is what has influenced his dress sense and slang. He also mentions that when he was younger, Maskandi and Mbaqanga music was popular. Adding that the church element of Shembe was also instrumental into molding him into this one-of-a-kind artist. “I didn’t plan to sing like this, it’s just who I am”, he says.

Check out the full interview above.


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