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Anzo straddles the lines of converging cultures as he tries to find his way in the music industry with his debut EP, 3310

Zkhipani and Tullamore DEW have teamed up to talk to various South African artists to explore the beauty of how they have blended cultures and perspectives to create new artistic expressions. This month, we sit down with Anzo who explains the complexities of what culture is.

Anzo is the new kid on the block whose unique perspective on life and music has managed to set him apart and place him on a journey of his own. The multi-talented singer, songwriter and music artist recently released his debut EP, 3310. He chats to us about why the process of putting together the EP was a challenge to him. He also shares his perspective on what constitutes culture and why he believes starting out as a rapper works to his advantage with the new sound he is currently exploring.

3310 by Anzo is an interesting body of work. The EP is on the fringes of experimental, lending itself to the fringes of Afro-soul, alternative Maskandi and a new sound we can’t quite put our finger on. Anzo shares that recording the EP was a challenge because of the territory of the sound he was embarking on.


I would say that 3310 was a project that was very challenging because this approach to music was new to us considering my background in music. At the same time I felt like we needed to do that. Me, personally, I needed that to highlight everything I know in my life and the stories from the rural areas,” he explains.

Anzo also adds that with his background in Hip Hop and Rap music, the most challenging thing for him was switching from Hip Hop to the new sound. “The new sound was something that I have never done before and I had no reference point of the sound,” he says. Adding that the skills that he learned from his time as a rapper helped in the process of the new sound he is cultivating.

A long time ago, Hip Hop was considered music for menaces and ungodly. The older generation didn’t believe in Hip Hop at all. So inviting more elements into the music eliminates such things and opens up perspectives. This will allow us to come together to celebrate and know our authentic stories”, he shares.

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