Amapiano Star, Aymos Reveals The One Thing That Fires Up His Creativity
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Emcimbini’ hit maker has been on the rise for quite some time. The singer and songwriter graced us with an amazing body of work in 2021 of which consisted of the ‘Lyfstyl’ hit single that got people like ‘Pabi Cooper’ dancing to it.

We got the opportunity to sit down with Aymos at the Nando’s Basha In Casa. The Tembisa born artist spoke about what fires his creativity as well as who inspires his music. Explaining the type of impact that the Nandos event has upon him and the youth.

“These initiatives are good for creatives as we get to meet other creatives and varients of spaces and get to network as well as exchange knowledge with one another.”

He also spoke on how he gets to share advice with those in the industry as well as vice versa. “Having creatives in one space is so incredicle because we can only grow from that.”

Basha in Casa is inspired by the annual Basha Uhuru festival, which is fired up by Nando’s and celebrates both the arts and the youth. It is just the perfect way to kick off Youth Month!

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